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New!  Fast, Easy Sewing! Introducing our Fast Start Series of Sewing Classes

Fast Start on the Sewing Machine

A single 3-hour class to get familiar with threading and operating a sewing machine.

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Fast Start on the Serger

A single 3-hour class to get familiar with setting up and operating a basic serger.

Basic serger for Fast Start on the Serger class

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Thimble Fingers Sewing Studio is a sewing school
where kids, teens and adults can learn to sew in a light-hearted environment, in small classes with lots of individual attention. Our self-paced classes are low-pressure and enjoyable, so everyone can get the most out of their sewing and learning experience.

It's a fabric boutique
featuring trendy designs and great patterns.

It’s a fully equipped studio for sewing enthusiasts to come and work on their projects.  Our studio concept combines the camaraderie of a sewing lounge and the creative focus of a working studio to provide a sewing haven for enthusiasts of all levels.
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Gift Idea

Sewing-themed puzzles
for your favorite crafter!!

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